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About the book

Our mothers always told us to eat our vegetables, but did we really ever listen?

The health benefits of eating vegetables is widely publicised and now help is at hand to support parents overcome those well-trodden words “I don’t like vegetables

Introducing Mrs C!  and her heroic team “ The Vegetable Pack” from the “Vegetable rack”.

Here to help and at the rescue, and on call - when your child speaks those words “I don’t like vegetables”

You will be joined by Tommy-Mateo, Molly-Flower,
Hugh-Cumber, The Penelopeas and the rest of the team, helping you to ensure your children eat a healthy and well balanced diet.

‘I don’t like vegetables’ is an innovative approach, supporting parents and encouraging young people to discover vegetables, making them part of a healthy daily diet.

The Award Winning book includes characters such as Molly- Flower, Hugh-Cumber and The Penelopeas. Through their adventures, they raise the level of awareness and benefits of vegetables.

Behind ‘I don’t like vegetables’ is a strong ethos to ensuring that children should know and understand where their food comes from and the long term benefits of healthy eating.

The team are here to help you

jo-begine, stell-rea -russell-sprout and the team